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废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会新闻中心CRCEA80 Newsroom


News Coverages of President Biden’s Statement

  1. 2023-12-17 NBC News:Biden commemorates the 80th anniversary of the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act
  2. 2023-12-17美国之音:拜登就废除排华法案80周年发表声明
  3. 2023-12-17法国国际广播电台:拜登就废除排华法案80周年发表声明
  4. 2023-12-17美国中文电视:拜登总统就废除《排华法案》80周年发表声明
  5. 2023-12-17华盛顿中文电视台:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会
  6. 2023-12-17世界日报:排華法案廢除80周年 拜登:華裔豐富美國
  7. 2023-12-17明州华人世界:今天2023年12月17日对于所有在美华人是一个非常值得纪念的日子
  8. 2023-12-17俄州亚太联盟:拜登总统发表纪念废除1882排华法80周年声明
  9. 2023-12-17密城时报:拜登总统就废除《排华法案》80周年发表声明
  10. 2023-12-17星洲网:《排华法案》废除80周年拜登发表声明
  11. 2023-12-17新闻速递通讯社:废除《排华法案》80周年纪念大会
  12. 2023-12-17美国西部新闻:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会
  13. 2023-12-17万维网博客:拜登总统就废除排华法80周年发表声明
  14. 2023-12-17万维网天下论坛:拜登总统就废除排华法80周年发表声明
  15. 2023-12-17文学城时事述评:拜登总统就废除排华法80周年发表声明
  16. 2023-12-17 Marianas Variety: Biden: ‘Celebrate the diversity that is our country’s strength’
  17. 2023-12-18大纪元:拜登总统就废除排华法80周年发表声明
  18. 2023-12-18凤凰网:美国《排华法案》被废除80周年,拜登发声
  19. 2023-12-19搜狐:白宫首次对《排华法案》“正式谴责”美学者:拜登希望争取华裔选票
  20. 2023-12-22美华商报:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会


Cabinet Official and Congressional Members’ Remarks

News Coverages 新闻总汇

  1. 2023-12-05美国之音:排华法案废除80周年,华裔领袖和国会议员呼吁避免历史重演
  2. 2023-12-05美国之音视频:排华法案废除80周年,华裔领袖和国会议员呼吁避免历史重演
  3. 2023-12-05美国中文电视:全美400华人国会纪念废除排华法案80周年
  4. 2023-12-06美国中文电视:排华法案死灰复燃?华裔官员表担忧
  5. 2023-12-06华盛顿中文电视台:废除美国排华法案80周年纪念大会在华盛顿国会大礼堂隆重召开
  6. 2023-12-06华盛顿中文电视台:纪录片–废除美国排华案80周年纪念大会
  7. 2023-12-05世界日报:排华法案废除80周年 戴琪:美追求经济进步 也当拥抱族裔多元
  8. 2023-12-06世界日报:排华法案废除80年 戴琪:美应尽力保护族裔多元与平等
  9. 2023-12-06世界日报:赵美心众院提案促联邦立法阻止佛州限制华人买房政策
  10. 2023-12-05美华社:美国贸易代表戴琪大使在废除排华法律80周年纪念大会上发表重要讲话
  11. 2023-12-05美华社:美国贸易代表戴琪大使在废除排华法律80周年纪念大会上发表重要讲话
  12. 2023-12-05美洲华联社:促进社会进步暨废除排华法律80周年纪念大会在华盛顿隆重举行
  13. ​​2023-12-05 Chinese in US:CRCEA80 Conference: Ambassador Katherine Tai delivers keynote address
  14. 2023-12-06星岛日报:纪念排华法案废除80周年,华人呼吁勿让历史重演
  15. 2023-12-06中国新闻网:美国华人在华盛顿举办促进社会进步暨废除排华法律80周年纪念大会
  16. 2023-12-07 China Daily: Forum: 80 years after repeal of Chinese Exclusion Act, discrimination persists
  17. 2023-12-07邑睿: 促进社会进步暨废除排华法律80周年纪念大会
  18. 2023-12-07邑睿: 2023“相聚国会见证历史齐心协力共创未来” 纪念废除排华法案80周年大会全程
  19. 2023-12-07芝加哥侨学网: 美国各州华人国会山隆重纪念废除排华法案80周年
  20. 2023-12-07俄州亚太联盟:废除排华法案80周年,400华人齐聚美国国会
  21. 2023-12-07 Min News:To commemorate the 80th anniversary of repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese people call on us not to let history repeat itself.
  22. 2023-12-08美华商报:全美华人社团联合纪念废除排华法案80周年
  23. 2023-12-08密城时报:相聚国会山 携手创未来
  24. 2023-12-08明州华人世界:热烈祝贺“促进社会进步暨纪念废除排华法案80周年全国大会”在美国首都华盛顿特区成功举办!
  25. 2023-12-09中华商报:废除排华法律80周年纪念大会在华府举行
  26. 2023-12-10美国V视:美国废除排华法案80周年纪念大会在华盛顿特区国会山隆重举行!
  27. 2023-12-10 ACASS亚裔学生学者中心:见证历史:ACAS参加废除排华法案80周年纪念大会
  28. 2023-12-10费城中文广播电视台:废除排华法律80周年纪念大会
  29. 2023-12-11华人在美东US:美国贸易代表戴琪大使在废除排华法案80周年纪念大会上发表讲话
  30. 2023-12-11 万维网博客:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会
  31. 2023-12-11 万维网天下论坛:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会
  32. 2023-12-11文学城时事述评:废除《1882排华法》80周年纪念大会
  33. 2023-12-16亚利桑那华人历史协会:见证历史 共创未来

Conference Exhibits 纪念大会专题展板1776 – 2023 

会前报道News Coverages Before Conference

To stay informed of the latest updates for our conference,  (1) visit this webpage, (2) join the CRCEA80 WeChat group, (3) check for CRCEA80 email broadcasts.


On December 17th, 1943, the US Congress passed the Magnuson Act, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act, which ended the deeply harmful Chinese Exclusion Act that had been in place for 61 years. This year marks the 80th anniversary of repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Against the backdrop of increasing anti-Asian sentiment and deteriorating US-China relations, it is even more important to commemorate this historic moment, learn from history and prevent it from repeating.

Read the full article by Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph. D.

Mission Statement

We commemorate the 80th anniversary of repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 to:

Advance Civil Rights for All Americans, Prevent History from Moving Backward.

We sincerely invite and welcome all Americans — who support equal rights and social justice for every American — to attend and support this historic conference.

Conference Program

  • Date: December 5, 2023, security check starts at 8:00 AM.

  • Venue: the Cannon House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 

  1. Security check-in at the entrance as shown in the picture above.
  2. Welcome Remarks.
  3. Commemorative speech by a senior White House official.
  4. Keynote addresses by congressional members, other elected officials, and civic organization leaders.
  5. Education session with prominent scholars.
  6. Conference Luncheon at the Congressional Welcome Center.
  7. Group photos of all attendees at the U.S. Capitol.
  8. Invitation-only Community Forum of 100 community organization leaders.
  9. Meeting with Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC).
  10. Note: the conference program is working in progress, subject to change.

Purchase Ticket to Attend the Conference

Every attendee must click the above Purchase Ticket button to attend the conference. The ticket is neither tax deductible nor refundable. Each attendee shall make his/her own travel and hotel arrangement. The following hotels are in close proximity to the conference venue. However, the Conference has no arrangement with any of these four hotels.

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill – 0.3 miles

Yotel Washington Dc – 415 New Jersey Ave, Washington – 0.3 miles

Residence Inn Washington DC Capitol – Residence Inn, DC – 0.6 miles

Washington Marriott Capitol Hill – 1.2 miles

Direction to the Conference: Please arrive at the Capitol Visitor Center — located underground on the east side of the Capitol – no later than 8:30 AM to allow ample time to go through security.  

Security Check: Before entering the Capitol Visitor Center, all visitors are screened by a magnetometer. Please carefully review the U.S. Capitol’s prohibited items list.

Entry to the Conference: After you get through the security check, follow the sign to the Congressional Auditorium, present your conference ticket to our conference volunteers who will scan its QR code for entry to the auditorium, and distribute a program booklet and a lunch voucher to you. No food or beverage is permitted in the auditorium.


Becoming a Collaborating Organization to the Conference

We welcome and invite all civic organizations to join us to be a part of this historic event at the U.S. Capitol, the heart of American Democracy and Republic. Please click the above Sign Up Here button to become a collaborating partner to the conference by (1) making contribution, or (2) attending the conference, or doing both.

We are excited to invite 100 community leaders from collaborating organizations with the most contribution and/or attendance to participate in the Community Forum at the William & Mary Washington Center in the afternoon.  Together we will discuss and reach consensus on common goals and action plans for how to achieve equal rights for Chinese Americans and all Americans.

Make a Contribution to the Conference

Your contribution will help make our conference a great success, and will receive recognition and benefits according to the schedule above. Please click the above Make A Contribution button to contribute to the conference.